Monday, October 1, 2012

AAA and a Pig

Two layout drawings. The first was the first assignment we had in layout this year, and it was just a pig in a jungle. I tried to play with patterning but a lot of it was lost to the lighting, and some pattern choices just ended up looking like colored pencil strokes, so they dont read as pattern. But it's an ok drawing
This second drawing is an establishing shot assignment. We had to include a man changing a tire, a car with a flat, and a lady leaning on something, and we had to set it in a desert at a bowling alley at night. I wanted to make it clear that the characters did not know each other, and that the woman was afraid of the man changing her tire, so I pushed them as far apart in the frame as I could and had her contained to the phone booth. I think the drawing is too flat, though, and I did not draw either character very clearly. I need more colored pencil practice!


  1. so cool ! love that green color on the pig, looks like u always have fun and explore with everything you do, keep it up !

  2. these are so goooodddd. every time i see your work i feel inspired to bust out the markers and colored pencils and actually touch paper once again!!